Published Books

The following is a selection of recent books available to buy - just click on the link which will take you through to the publisher.

Stranded! A Mostly True Story From Iceland

Published in August 2023 by the wonderful Barefoot Books, this story was written by the very talented Ævar Por Benediktsson and illustrated by me!

'Its a story about the authors grandfather and how he got stranded on a volcanic island, was almost turned into a barbecue and found the most important moment in the world.'

It was an absolute joy to illustrate, I loved exploring the culture of Iceland where the story is set, and all the folk tales steeped in its history. Not to mention the molten lava and of course the Norse Gods and trolls!

The link below clicks though to Barefoot books where you can find this amongst many other brilliant books:


Quarto Knows, Clive Gifford.

This book is backwards! It starts at the end, ends at the beginning and travels back in history to show you what life was like before major inventions and discoveries.

Step into a time before smartphones, television, cars or even the toilet; then learn about the major invention or discovery that changed the world.

Explore bright, detailed, humorous scenes from different eras that will spark discussion and make you think about what life was like in history. Learn about the clever inventors, the accidental discoveries and how people managed without the everyday things that we take for granted.

  • Detailed, humorous scenes of different eras to explore 
  • Key topics of science, technology and inventions

This fun and engaging title will delight young historians, scientists, or any child with a curious mind!

Invisible Nature

Otterbarry Books, Catherine Barr

Sounds no-one can hear, scents no-one can smell, colours we can't see, magnetic waves we can't feel – but some animals can, and use them every day

Without 'invisible nature' life on our planet would not exist. This book shows how animals use it, and also how humans have learned how to tap into its powers in all sorts of important ways.

 Red Alert!

Otterbarry Books, Catherine Barr

Pick a place. Choose a creature. Discover its story and the danger it faces. Then find out how to help it survive.

15 wild and wonderful creatures, all on the IUCN Red List, need our help - this important book is interactive, engaging and informative, and will inspire children to save their planet!

Red Alert! is inspired and endorsed by the 'Red List' database maintained by International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Currently the list includes over 70,000 species known to be at risk, but it grows larger all the time.

The Calm Book

Alex Allan, Welbeck Publishing Group

The Calm Book is a friendly and engaging picture book to help young children understand their feelings using simple science. Featuring mindfulness tips, breathing exercises and calming craft activities that give children the ability to take charge of their own emotional state and the tools to become more resilient.

The Happy Book

Alex Allan, Welbeck Publishing Group

Share this charming and playful picture book with a child who might be suffering from anxiety, or feeling unhappy, or just having some problems adjusting to a new routine.

The Happy Book is full of ideas and thoughtful prompts to encourage children to pay attention to their moods and learn to express their thoughts and feelings rather than hide them away.