We're Roaming Through The Rainforest has been chosen!

Look,  one of my books has been chosen to be part of a collection! Here's the article:

 Anne Wilson has received the wonderful news that one of her children’s books, “We're Roaming in the Rainforest” (written by Laurie Krebs) has been chosen by the RIF (Reading Is Fundamental) organization to be part of the Macy's Multicultural Collection of Children’s Literature 2012-2013.

Forty titles were chosen, from 800 reviewed, for RIF to distribute to schools and other organizations across America with a focus on reaching...

Like My Case?! Anne Wilson designs on mobile phone cases!

 For all those out there who would like to cheer up their plain old mobiles, check out like my case...I now have a range of my work featured for you to choose from! Go to:

Cheerful chatting everyone! x

Serco Illustration Awards 2012

Well thats it now! I've managed to piece together my illustration for this years Serco Awards poster... this years theme is 'Secret London' ...the winners haven't been announced yet, so I can't show you the full image, but heres a sneaky preview (shhhhh! don't tell anyone...its a secret!) 


New Prints!

Its been a little while, but some new print designs are on the way! Here are the first two to be getting on with, they both come in a variety of size options... more on the way... I hope you enjoy :)


Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Flight! Launching a new print!

Here is the latest creation for the Anne Wilson collection. All things flight related...OK OK I may have pushed the boundries of aerodynamics on one or two things in there, but hey, Im not counting!

Available now in 3 sizes.  Enjoy :-)