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Apr 23, 2012   |  0 comments

New Prints!

Its been a little while, but some new print designs are on the way! Here are the first two to be getting on with, they both come in a variety of size options... more on the way... I hope you enjoy :)


Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Here is the latest creation for the Anne Wilson collection. All things flight related...OK OK I may have pushed the boundries of aerodynamics on one or two things in there, but hey, Im not counting!

Available now in 3 sizes.  Enjoy :-)

The Snow Queen

If you happen to be passing through London this festive season, swing by the Unicorn Theatre and pause for a while to watch their Christmas production of The Snow Queen. For Children and grown-ups alike...hope my featured illustration can tempt you in!

View our new beautiful Christmas here

Sep 09, 2011   |  0 comments

Sneak preview -ho ho ho!

 Thought I'd share a peek at our new Christmas Cards...available for sale from October...more to come! 

Aug 17, 2011   |  0 comments

Not So Lost

Just thought I would share some new work with you all.

I have just finished my first couple of spreads for my picture book I am currently working on. Its a personal project, one close to my heart and one I hope will be a useful read to those who have experienced loss of any kind, at any time. I especially hope that it will be of use to my two young daughters, one of which was too young to remember loosing her father, and the older daughter too young to put it all into context. It is called 'Not So Lost' and as the title suggests, I truly believe no one is ever too far away... no matter where they may be.

The finished book...coming soon, this kind of thinking cant be too rushed...

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