The Wild Jigsaw

The Wild

The Wild, jigsaw, Jumbo, Anne Wilson

Introducing 'The Wild' jigsaw, out now! This 1000 piece puzzle commissioned by James Galt and Co. for Jumbo, is part of the Falcon contemporary range. One of 6 designs showcasing individual artists. 

It was a joy to work on this job. Once the subject matter was pinned down I was given creative freedom to come up with the design. As long as every square inch contained detail I could happily invent all sorts of animals, trees, birds and creatures to create a bright and busy scene.

On the back of the box there is information about each artist and their work.

It is pleasantly refreshing to receive a commission that aims to share full credit and information about each artist. Illustrators don't always get credit for the hard work they put into each job.

You can grab hold of a jigsaw here:

The Wild, jigsaw, Jumbo, Anne Wilson

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