The Happy Book

The Happy Book, Welbeck Publishing, Alex Allan, Anne Wilson, 2020
The Happy Book is published!
Out Spring 2020. This was such a positive book to work on, thank you Welbeck Publishing. It aims to help teach children how to engage with their emotions and how to understand them. 'We can't be happy all the time' - something that is relevant in our current times of stress, but its ok, 'there are lots of other feelings to explore'.
This commission was a lovely change of direction from other recent work and provided a good opportunity to get back to character development. The happy chaps featured throughout this book guide you through and help show you the way :) Here's a few:
The Happy Book 1
The Happy Book 2The happy Book 3The happy Book 4The happy Book 5The happy Book 6
You can grab a copy here:

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