Backwards Science

Backwards Science


Backwards Science, Clive Gifford, Anne Wilson, QEB publishing 2020 



Out in Summer 2020, Backwards Science starts at the end and ends at the beginning! It takes you backwards through time introducing you to inventions - weird, wonderful and completely amazing. One or two of the most important discoveries of our time are included in this book - some of which I am very grateful for.. the toilet for one!

It just goes to show how clever humans are. I hope young minds read this and are inspired to come up with the next mind blowing life changing thing! 🤞

Here are some of my favourite images from the book:

the invention of anesthetics and antiseptics

This was so gross - loads of fun to draw! (Thank goodness for our NHS!)

The invention of firefighting

The invention of the toilet

I can't imagine how many lives this invention has saved - not to mention the smell!

The invention of the motor car

Apparently the invention of the motor car avoided an international horse poo crisis! (phew!)



Feel free to get hold of a copy here: 



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