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The Happy Book

The Happy Book

The Happy Book, Welbeck Publishing, Alex Allan, Anne Wilson, 2020
The Happy Book is published!
Out Spring 2020. This was such a positive book to work on, thank you Welbeck...

Backwards Science

Backwards Science


Backwards Science, Clive Gifford, Anne Wilson, QEB publishing 2020 



Out in Summer 2020, Backwards Science starts at the end and ends at the beginning! It takes you backwards through time introducing you to inventions - weird, wonderful and completely amazing. One or two of the most important discoveries of our time are included in this book - some of which I am very grateful for.. the toilet for one!

It just goes to show how clever humans are. I hope young minds read this and are inspired to come up with the next...

Jungle circles!

Here's some recent work I have just sent over the seas to America. They are going to be permanently inserted in a wall to cheer up a childrens hospital in Boston. I am hoping that they will make everybody feel better! It was great to construct them completely by hand and in relief...I am happy to say that all leaves butterflies and monkeys remained securely stuck in place for the journey!

Anyway... ta-dah!!!


Flight! Launching a new print!

Here is the latest creation for the Anne Wilson collection. All things flight related...OK OK I may have pushed the boundries of aerodynamics on one or two things in there, but hey, Im not counting!

Available now in 3 sizes.  Enjoy :-)

The Snow Queen Christmas Production

The Snow Queen

If you happen to be passing through London this festive season, swing by the Unicorn Theatre and pause for a while to watch their Christmas production of The Snow Queen. For Children and grown-ups alike...hope my featured illustration can tempt you in!

View our new beautiful Christmas here